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What Should You Do Now to Prepare for an Emergency with Your Senior?

Preparing for an emergency is one of the most important things you can do as a caregiver. Physical Therapy at Home in Oakville, Ontario can help.
Physical Therapy at Home Oakville
Physical Therapy at Home Oakville

By default, emergencies are more likely to happen without any warning. But there are some things you can do now to make life easier and safer in case of an emergency. Some of these solutions are ones that you can implement quickly. Some appointments, like physical therapy, will have long-term benefits if your elderly family member starts them now.

Keep Updated Records of Your Senior’s Information

Keep regular track of your elderly family member’s information, including health and medication changes. This is easiest with a digital file that you can access easily and update. Being able to find information quickly is important, and during an emergency it can be difficult to think clearly.

Keep Emergency Contact Details and Locations Available 

Keep your elderly family member’s information and emergency contact information easily accessible. That means your elderly family member’s doctors and other routine healthcare providers. It’s important to know the locations of local hospitals and care centres, as well as any emergency shelters.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Bag Ready for Her

Keeping an emergency bag ready to go is another important detail you might want to look into. The bag should contain a change of clothes, extra medication, toiletries, and other necessities if she suddenly has to leave home. Adding non-perishable food, like trail mix, and water bottles, to this bag is also a good idea. Periodically swap out these supplies to avoid staleness or spoilage.

Talk with Your Senior’s Doctor about What Else You Can Do

It’s a good idea to talk to your senior’s doctor about emergency preparedness. There may be some things that her doctor can do, like prescribe an emergency stash of medication. Following those recommendations can help your senior have a better experience in an emergency.

Get Her Going with Physical Therapy, if Prescribed

Physical therapy might be something your senior’s doctor has recommended, but your senior has been avoiding. A physical therapist can help your ageing family member become stronger, work through mobility challenges, and be prepared for issues. Putting off physical therapy is never a good idea, and if your senior starts now, she can start reaping the benefits.

Finally, when you’re doing everything you can to help your senior prepare in the event of an emergency. Then when something does happen, both of you will feel less frustrated by the whole situation.

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