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24-Hour Home Care Can Keep Your Senior Sleepwalker Safe

Sleepwalking could be dangerous for anyone, but especially for seniors. Hiring a 24-hour home care provider can help keep them safe!
Sleepwalking: 24-Hour Home Care Scarborough Ontario
Sleepwalking: 24-Hour Home Care Scarborough Ontario

Being a sleepwalker or knowing that you have a sleepwalker in the home, can be a scary experience. Having a 24-hour home care can give you an extra piece of mind to keep your sleepwalker safe.

While everyone is sleeping for the night, a sleepwalker may get up, explore the home, do daily tasks, and possibly even leave the home, all while being completely unaware of what they are doing. Also known as somnambulism, it involves getting up and walking around while in a state of sleep.

While most sleepwalkers are children, some adults also suffer from sleepwalking. Sleepwalking in adults has a higher chance of being confused with or coexisting with other sleep disorders as well as medical conditions. It’s important to discover what has brought on the sleepwalking but until you can eliminate it, you will need to look into having someone provide 24-hour home care for those overnight hours when sleepwalking is most likely to occur.


If your loved one has insomnia, you or your 24-hour home care provider might notice some of these symptoms when they are sleepwalking.

These activities usually occur within 1-2 hours of falling asleep but can take place at any time during the night. They can also vary in frequency and duration, making 24-hour home care observation important for keeping your loved one safe during those night hours.

Talking or Doing Tasks While Sleepwalking

The most obvious activity is getting out of bed and walking around. They may engage you or others that they come across in conversation.

The conversation may be normal or it may be disjointed and based on non-actual events (such as asking why are all those children in my room when there are no children in the home).

They might also perform routine activities, like getting dressed or making a meal. They may turn on ovens, use a knife to cut up veggies, or do other activities that could easily harm them. Sometimes, a sleepwalker even goes driving.

It’s possible they may also participate in non-normal activities such as urinating in a closet or being overly aggressive.

Sleepwalking Symptoms

As an observer of a sleepwalker, you might notice these symptoms or indicators that they are not fully awake.

  • They have a glassy-eyed or glazed look on their face and don’t seem to be able to focus on nearby objects.
  • Their speech is gibberish or doesn’t follow normal speech parameters. Wrong words may be used or sentences may simply end before the train of thought is completed.
  • They may not respond to your questions or directions at all and be unable to engage with you.

In the morning, your sleepwalker may not have any memory of the event and will often feel tyred and not well rested. And as a caregiver, you might begin to feel that exhaustion as well as you try to keep your sleepwalker safe at night. Having the help of someone like a 24-hour home care provider can help you get the sleep you need so you can help your loved one find relief from sleepwalking.

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