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LoveMyHealth - Lifestyle Genetic Test

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LoveMyHealth™ by DNALabs

This genetic test is a comprehensive nutrition/wellness/lifestyle test designed to provide insights into the key factors of your health and well-being based on your genomic profile.

LoveMyHealth™ looks at 84 genetic markers within 65 genes, and was designed to empower individuals to improve their health and well-being by personalizing actionable nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations tailored to their unique genetic makeup. The test looks at the propensity for certain nutritional deficiencies and intolerances/sensitivities, and can help identify diets and fitness programs that may work best for optimal health and preventing disease.

Categories covered in the LoveMyHealth™ report include:

  • Diet (e.g. impacts of fat – saturated, polyunsaturated, omegas 3/6, etc; whole grains vs. simple carbs; triglyceride lowering diet);
  • Food Sensitivities/Intolerances (e.g. alcohol; caffeine; gluten; lactose; sodium);
  • Specific Nutrient Needs (e.g. vitamins A, B2, B9/Folic Acid, B12, C, D, E, etc; minerals – calcium, iron; omega 3 fatty acids; phosphatidylcholine; antioxidants);
  • Body Health (e.g. physical fitness/exercise; bone health; pain tolerance; recovery time);
  • Brain Health (e.g. stress; mental health; cognitive health; addiction);
  • Detoxification (e.g. removal of chemicals in smoked & charred meats; ability to remove toxins using glutathione; histamine removal);
  • Obesity Risk (e.g. type 2 diabetes risk; appetite/satiety/exercise/eating habits); and
  • Hormonal health (e.g. testosterone; estrogen; thyroid health).

In addition to the content covered in the standard LoveMyHealth™ test report, the PRO version covers an additional 41 genetic markers and includes:

  • A special Women’s Health section that takes a detailed look at estrogen metabolism, including phase I metabolism (metabolites) and phase II detox (via the methylation and glutathione pathways);
  • The analysis of the APOE gene, a strong predictor of risk for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease;
  • A detailed breakdown of our ability to remove toxins from the body using glutathione, including the analysis of Copy Number Variations (CNVs) in GSTT1 and GSTM1; and
  • An analysis of risk for Cardiovascular Disease.
    The LoveMyHealth-PRO report also includes a section with additional ‘PRO’ genes, which are being developed into the report as research emerges, and may help in better understanding each patient’s specific situation.
Lifestyle Genetic Testing in Toronto | DaNurse At Your Care Services

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Lifestyle Genetic Testing in Toronto | DaNurse At Your Care Services

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