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Getting Ready to Care for Your Loved One After Knee Surgery

Taking prior steps to ensure your loved one's recovery from surgery can be simple. Let Physical Therapy at Home in Vaughn, Ontario be the first step you take.
Physical Therapy at Home in Vaughn
Physical Therapy at Home in Vaughn

If your elderly loved one is scheduled for knee surgery, she will need help recovering at home. Most patients stay in the hospital for a few days after surgery, but then recover at home. There are steps you can take to ensure a smooth recovery for your loved one, whether they are with you or not. The recovery period is crucial to your loved one having a successful outcome from her surgery.

Prepare some meals

If you are caring for an elderly relative who lives alone, it is important to have some easy-to-eat meals on hand for their recovery. Before the surgery even happens, you can enlist friends and family to make some quick frozen meals. Then your parent can just pop it in the oven or microwave when she’s hungry. You can also ask people to bring the meals over and prep them for her.

Plan on getting help

Your parent will need some physical therapy at home. It might be helpful to hire a skilled nursing care professional to help your parent with physical therapy. Not only can they help with physical therapy at home, but skilled nursing care professionals do much more. They can help with bandages, monitor your parent’s condition, and manage any obstacles around the home.


Speaking of obstacles, remove as many as possible before your parent returns home from the hospital. If your home has a lot of shoes by the front door, put them away. Inspect rugs and floorings for any loose ends that could cause tripping and falling. Cords, pet toys, and chairs should all be neatly tucked away. Clear the path for a safe walk around the home.

Have a recovery area

Getting around may be a real challenge at the beginning of your loved one’s time back at home recovering. She’ll need to exercise and stretch, but will mostly be sitting those first weeks.

Usually the main living area is a great place for a recovery area. Your loved one should have a comfortable and sturdy chair to sit in and relax all day. She should have a way to keep her feet elevated, whether that’s by designating a recliner as her recovery chair or having a couch or ottoman that she can put her feet on.

You’ll also want to gather up her favourite items near her recovery area. It could have a TV or laptop within reach to watch her favourite shows. She might want books and magazines, or even a small table for games of solitaire or putting together a puzzle. Most importantly, make sure she has her phone within reach and charged, so that she can call someone if she needs help.

The better prepared your loved one’s living space is for her recovery, the sooner she’ll be up and about, doing her daily routine.

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