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Skilled Nursing Helps Seniors With ALS Live At Home

With skilled nursing care, seniors who have ALS will have the medical care and support they need to live at home where they can be comfortable.
ALS: Skilled Nursing Vaughn Ontario
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Seniors who have ALS can live at home even as their disease progresses, as long as they have skilled nursing care at home. With skilled nursing care, seniors who have ALS will have the medical care and support they need to live at home where they can be comfortable and surrounded by their treasured possessions and happy memories.

ALS can make a lot of the activities of daily life challenging for seniors, and often family members are just not trained in the best ways to help a senior with ALS. Skilled nursing care means that seniors with ALS will have care provided by trained nurses with practical experience and education to help.

Monitor Their Condition

Nurses who provide care for seniors with ALS can monitor a senior’s vital signs like their heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and more to make sure that they are as healthy and stable as possible. If there’s any change in their vital signs that indicates a medical emergency a skilled nurse will know how to provide emergency medical help and can call EMS to make sure that your senior loved one gets to the hospital swiftly.

Manage And Dispense Medication

Managing medications for ALS can be difficult. But skilled nursing caregivers that have experience with ALS will know what medications are commonly prescribed for ALS and how they need to be given. A nurse will also know what reactions are possible to those medications and how to spot any signs of a bad reaction or a bad interaction between two medications. If there is a problem with a medication a nurse will know how to handle that and when to call the doctor and get them involved to fix the situation.

Watch For Symptom Progression

ALS is a progressive disease, but sometimes family members don’t see the progression of the symptoms. They don’t know what to look for or how to tell when symptoms are getting worse. They also may not be able to spot new symptoms that occur. A skilled nurse will know how to cheque the progression of symptoms and they will be able to see any new symptoms that occur and alert your senior parent’s doctor if anything new pops up. Having a medical professional provide skilled nursing for your senior parent with ALS can ensure that they are getting the best possible care.

Help With Transferring And Bathing

Transferring in and out of bed and bathing or showering can be a real challenge for seniors that have ALS. Nurses who are trained to provide skilled nursing care also get training in things like safely transferring seniors of all shapes and sizes and techniques to help them bathe or shower that maintain their dignity while safely getting them clean.

Many family members of seniors with ALS rely on skilled nurses with medical training to help care for their senior parents. There’s no substitute for experience and education when it comes to making sure seniors with ALS are safe and cared for at home.

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