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A skilled nurse can do many things to help your loved one recover. Find out more about Skilled Nursing Care at Home in GTA Toronto.
Skilled Nursing Care at Home in GTA Toronto
Skilled Nursing Care at Home in GTA Toronto

Skilled nursing care at home is an essential part of home health care designed to support your dad’s medical needs. Allowing him to stay at home while recovering from an injury, health issue, or surgery. It prevents him from returning to the hospital or risking a health crisis.

Catheter Care

Your dad needs a catheter for now, and that requires expert care that you cannot provide. Catheter care is a service you can arrange through skilled nurses. They can remove the catheter, insert it, and clean and sterilise the area.

Diabetes Instruction

Your dad’s blood sugar levels spiked and caused him to need a hospital visit. He’s heading home, but he and his family caregiver need to learn how to monitor his sugar levels, use insulin if needed, and cook meals with a lower glycaemic index.

Dietary Education

Your dad also may need to have skilled nurses teaching him how to prepare meals and snacks that meet his needs after being diagnosed with heart disease, osteoporosis, or coeliac disease. Learning how to choose the right foods and plan menus that suit his needs is something he needs help with.

Incision and Wound Care

If your dad fell and cut himself or had surgery, his wounds or incisions must be cleaned and bandaged often. He may have sores that became infected. Skilled nursing care can help with incision and wound care.

His nurses will clean and cheque that his cuts and incisions are healing well. Once cleaned, they’re bandaged to keep dirt and bacteria out. If he had stitches, his surgeon may say his nurse can remove them at his home instead of returning to the hospital.

IVs, Injections, and Medication Administration

Your dad may also need medications administered through an IV or injection. Of course, some oral medications need to be carefully administered and timed. Nurses are trained to help with this. They generally eliminate the need to return to a clinic or hospital in the days and weeks while your dad recovers.

Physical Therapy

Finally, your dad needs to work with a physical therapist. He could go to a therapist’s office multiple times a week, but the rides there and back exhaust him. He also has a hard time getting into and out of your car. Plus, it’s hard for you to take all that time off unpaid.

He could have physical therapists come to his home. With physical therapy and skilled nursing care, your dad’s recovery at home goes well and eases stress for all of you.

Ask your dad’s doctor about his medical care needs when he goes home. As you get information on what he’ll need and how long he will need to heal, you can arrange skilled nursing care to ensure he recovers with an expert’s help.

If you or an ageing loved one are considering Skilled Nursing Care at Home in GTA Toronto, Ontario, please contact the caring staff at DaNurse At Your Care Services today. Call (416) 231-6900

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